January 24, 2022
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Just before the Lok Sabha elections, Modi Government has played a bigger card. Government has announced to give reservation to economically backward upper caste i.e. upper class. Modi cabinet has approved 10 percent reservation. However, the way to implement the reservation is still difficult. But, the government has to amend the constitution for this. For this, he will need the support of other parties in Parliament. But, if this applies, then some of its criteria have been set. After meeting these criteria, the reservation will benefit the upper caste.

In order to give reservation to the upper caste, there is a change in Article 15 and Article 16 of the Constitution. Under section 15 reservation will be given in education institutions and 16 percent more government jobs under 16. Now the fixed limit of reservation has increased from 49.5 percent to 59.5 percent. These seventy-year-old demand of the upper castes is in demand. It will benefit Brahmins, Rajputs and other upper castes.

Who will get reservation from the upper caste Reservation Reservation will benefit economically weaker sections.
> Annual income less than Rs. 8 lakhs > Farmable land should be less than 5 hectare
> Residential house less than 1000 square feet
> Notified residential plot by municipality under 109 yards
> Non-negotiable residential plot in municipal area should be less than 209 yards.

Documents will be submitted for reservation. To take advantage of this reservation, the people of upper castes will have to show these papers.

Income Certificate Reservation benefits will be given only to those who submit income certificates. The government has fixed annual income of Rs 8 lakhs for this.

Caste Certificate: To get the benefit of the general reservation, it is necessary to have a caste certificate. However, so far the race of upper castes is not required to have caste certification anywhere.

For the benefit of the BPL card reservation, you have to prove that you are backward in the upper castes. If the BPL card holder, then this card will have to be deposited.

Pan Card
Pan Card is mandatory for all jobs and services. If you have not yet made a PAN card, then apply it soon. It is compulsory to apply a PAN card in education and job.

It is also very necessary to have Aadhaar card to avail the Aadhaar card reservation. Aadhaar card is shown as an Indian citizen. Your complete information can be obtained through Aadhar card. Therefore, it will also have to be given to take advantage of reservation.

Income Tax Returns will have to show the income tax returns if they are to take advantage of reservation. Through Form 16, you will have to prove that you are filing income tax returns according to your income. The claim of reservation coming under the purview can also be done by it.

Copy of passbook You may have to show a copy of passbook or a three-month statement to make a reservation. This information can be obtained about your income. However, it will not be unavoidable. Because, it will also be proved by income certificate and income tax return.

Joining the Janhana Yojana, the backward classes can also be linked to the Government’s Janhana Yojana for a 10 percent reservation in jobs and education on a financial basis. Under this your bank account should be under the Jan Dhanan Yojana. Under the Jan Dhan Yojana, the same account holders get the benefit which are financially vulnerable.

Source:- zeebiz